Come on in to Iambic Nana.

Sit awhile and read some poetry to your kids, in your children’s classes, your devotions and holy day celebrations, or on your home visits. These poems tell stories about friends, family, and faith. They really like to be read out loud, so make them happy and fill the air with words that mostly rhyme.

You are welcome to download all poems for use in your life. However, if you are moved to publish any of them, please contact me through the contact form so we can talk it over. Some of these poems are available in the book Bahá’í Holy Days: Stories and Poems for Children which can be found online.

Tiny Books can now be ordered right here at Iambic Nana. Currently available are The Bahá’í Faith: A Tiny Introduction in English and Spanish, plus A Tiny Book of Prayers at the Tiny Books tab above.

And most exciting for me at this moment in time, the upper elementary school biographies, Robert Sengstacke Abbott: A Man, a Paper, and a Parade, and John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie: A Man, a Trumpet, and a Journey to Bebop are available for purchase from the Bahá’í Distribution Service, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.

To hear more about the biographies, check out the YouTube interviews posted under the “About Susan Engle” tab above.

So glad you stopped by. The door is always open for you.


Photo and Fabric Art by Elaine Phillips